We're Back!

Hello to everyone again!

We are excited to say that we're here for another season! First of all thank you so much for the support and positive encouragement making our first season a success and allowing us to be able to continue on this adventure.

Any small business owner knows that starting a business comes with a world of stress all on its own. I am so proud to say that we made it through our first year! We are still together, happy and beyond excited to be able to do this all over again! *Winning*

Our first year came with lots of new learning experiences. For example: I literally had to practice pull starting our snowmobiles myself, in the garage, so that when I showed up to the parking lot in the morning I wouldn't have to ask for help with starting my own machine. The expression "fake it till you make it" really came into play for me.

By the end of the season I could one arm pull that beast to start it. This may sound small, but small wins are still wins.

We had a lot of fun meeting new people, getting our name out there and giving people an awesome way to experience the winter wonderland thats in our own backyard. Each rental was successful and our riders always came off the mountain with the biggest smiles on their faces. It couldn't get any better then that!

The only thing that can make this season better than the last is of course more snow! I know its hard to ask for that right now while we are in the middle of such a beautiful season. So I ask that when the times comes... let it snow let it snow let it snow!!

We now have some super rad clothing for sale which will be available for purchase through our website soon. Feel free to drop a line if you want to see what we have before its up on the site. We also will have a lower day rate this year! So when that snow starts flying keep us in mind if you want to have a day of play in the powder.

Hope to see you this winter and thank you again to everyone for all of the support!

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