What goes on behind the Screens..

As all small business owners probably know, this is an extremely nerve racking experience. All of the re-search, organizing, meetings, phone calls, stress and lack of sleep for hope, in the end, that you can give flight to your dreams. But those magical wings do not just appear on your business.. you have to grow them and work to make it fly.

Kyle and I are completely new to this business world. I can honestly tell you that I have never spent so much time as I have in the last two months sitting at my kitchen table, with papers everywhere, hours deep into the internet world.

Today was a huge step for us and I cant help but share. Kyle works away during the week which leaves me with a lot of the responsibly and decision making. Then together we catch up, debrief, discuss and celebrate friday evenings when he gets home.

Today finally our dreams became a reality! We purchased FOUR Ski-Doo Summit SP 850's! And I know they are real because I touched them in their flesh and I called them pretty.Then I signed papers for them!!

For a girl who is not new to the winter sport world but is new to this snowmobile world... I literally skipped with joy in that parking lot today.

Making things happen.

There is a lot more that goes into what you see on a screen, behind the screen. We are hoping for a rad season of course. But today we are celebrating our accomplishments thus far!

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